The damsel and the dragon

As they fly, only briefly resting on leaves or fragile vegetal stalks, the dragonflies’ restlessness is almost carried over to the observer. Different from the serenity of butterflies and bees, and different to the caution felt next to other beings with


The lively and the alive

With their snapping selfies, genuine or fake holiday ease, chatter-filled cigarettes and sodas, the other passengers had driven me to the stern of the ferry. The roar of the sea under the muffled thrashing of engines elicited in me an admiring ‘technica


The sharing of joy

It had been a frosty night, and at dawn I was waiting for the fox. In other days, it was at this smoky hour that I’d seen her from afar, making her way towards the forest. Now, finally, I was in her path, crouching amid leafless shrubs. Bearing the prom


The curious one

Several weeks had passed since I’d seen the deer step out of the sedges. In the middle of the glade, she’d chosen a soft, round, spot, where water oozed under a determined footstep. I’d spent over an hour near the brush-like thicket, but I didn’t


Sibling rivalry

The places where the forest has been kind to me have come to carry a certain mystique. Ample, inviting glades, the crossings of tenebrous paths, minute clearings where, at just the right time of day, enigmatic flights of shadow and color spring forth from


A skyward idyll

As I lay down above them, at arm’s length, I wanted to stroke them. My hand even reached for the water. photo: Cristian Grecu A thoughtless gesture, which would have perturbed the idyll. I stood up. The fluid alcove where the lovers seemed to ignore all